This piece first appeared on PR Daily in October, 2015.   It can be fun to take a break from writing, editing and corporate communicating to play with words. I love to read and write about words that others have invented. Put aside that press release and let’s have some fun with these made-up words: […]

This piece first appeared on PR Daily in October, 2015. PR agencies are great for building brand awareness, analyzing their clients’ industries and boosting media relations efforts. However, not every business relationship will run smoothly. Are you considering hiring a new PR agency? There are several things you should keep in mind, which will help […]

The company has more ties to Chicago than many consumers might think—including a link to its Northside baseball team. Here’s how marketers became part of the red-hot Cubs conversation. Source: Feed 1

Here are the five most widely read stories this week on PR Daily: <pr em="" daily  Holding women back in PR limits agencies’ effectiveness, creativity  6 scary things PR pros should never do   30 jobs in the PR and marketing world 11 of literature’s best closing lines    How to measure your social media reach RELATED: Get […]

The National Basketball Association is the latest brand to throw its weight behind virtual reality. Each week, the league will broadcast one game using the burgeoning technology. The first matchup will be a free preview of the Sacramento Kings and the San Antonio Spurs on Oct. 27. The service is an added bonus to anyone […]

Communicators, look to “Game of Thrones” for PR campaign motivation. The series has a dedicated fan base, characters with wide appeal, captivating story lines and something new every season. Try out these five tips inspired by the show: 1. Create buzz. Capture the “fandom” wave by learning what makes your client stand out to its […]

Communications experts often preach the importance of face-to-face interaction. When you hear a person’s voice and see his facial expressions and gestures, you get a clearer understanding of his message. What if there were punctuation marks that translated those physical cues and vocal fluctuations for you? You know, like a punctuation mark to denote sarcasm, […]

After 31 years of faithful service, MetLife is firing man’s best friend. “Peanuts” character Snoopy has appeared on the life insurance company’s marketing materials, including a prominent presence in commercials and on blimps. On Thursday, the company announced that it’s heading in a new direction. MetLife’s rebranding effort highlights the company’s new focus on customer […]

PR pros and social media marketers often advise brand managers to identify as publishers and content curators. We continually insist that our clients should feed the digital beast—or it will surely feed on them. We’ve emphasized the value of content creation and SEO, talked about the value of converting content to conversation and discussed how […]

For social media marketers, followers’ perception can increase a post’s popularity—or start a virtual firestorm. The British Army learned that lesson recently. It apologized after deleting a tweet that depicted a soldier in what some claim is blackface. Online outraged followed the tweet—which contained a photo depicting a smiling, gun-toting solider in camouflage accompanied by […]