• 30 jobs in the PR and marketing world
    Choose your words wisely; they could determine the outcome of your job hunt. There are many phrases to avoid in everyday conversation, but there are some specific statements that especially have no place in a job interview. Earning an interview is a great achievement, but your work is far from over. It’s time to dig deeper into... Read more »
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    Move over, paid advertising—2018 is all about engaging content, customer experiences and savvy search engine optimization. Reboot Online recently compiled data from Hubspot’s State of Inbound Report, listing marketers’ top priorities for 2018. Data showed that the majority of marketing pros (77 percent) want to turn leads into customers, and more than half (55 percent) aim... Read more »
  • 4 ways pro bono work benefits your career
    One of America’s founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin is credited with the aphorism: “Do well by doing good.” The phrase is more than a mantra for the PR field. In some corners it has long been an unofficial definition of public relations itself. The phrase homes in on the notion that we can achieve personal,... Read more »
  • 10 pitching commandments for PR pros and startups
    This article originally ran on PR Daily in January of 2017. Launching a startup is tough. Between getting your idea off the ground, generating clients and securing funding, you probably think you don’t have time for much else. Think again. For many founders, PR is just a blip on the radar, but good media coverage can... Read more »
  • YouTube unveils new eligibility rules—and more direct oversight
    YouTube is making it harder for some creators to earn money from their videos. The company announced, via blog post, that it would change the rules for how channels were monetized on their site, going from a threshold of 10,000 lifetime views to a minimum of 4,000 hours watched in the prior 12 months and... Read more »
  • How classic storytelling narratives can improve your speeches
    If you’re dreading writing an upcoming presentation, you can take solace in the fact that the book has already been written. An infographic from Quid Corner offers guidance from author Christopher Booker, who posits that “everything ever written boils down to seven basic plots.” Here are a handful of enduring narratives you can use as a storytelling... Read more »
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    Crisis preparedness is important, but is it essential? Preparing for an event that may occur is easy to put aside when teams are busy with what’s relevant now. Unfortunately, the experience of managing a real-life crisis prompts many organizations to finally begin preparing for the next potential disaster. Developing the gold standard for crisis readiness... Read more »
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  • 66 percent of consumers prefer a strong stand on political and social issues
    In today’s increasingly divisive political and social landscape, many brand managers might think that silence is the best route. However, keeping quiet on current controversial issues can present a lost opportunity for those looking to boost consumer loyalty and brand reputation. Sprout Social’s Championing Change in the Age of Social Media report revealed that 66 percent of... Read more »
  • Announcing PR Daily’s 2018 Digital PR & Social Media Awards
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