• How to thrive in today’s evolving communications landscape
    It’s time to break out of your silo. Social media is shaking up the communications world, blurring the lines between the responsibilities of internal and external communicators. This means all communicators need a clear vision of what’s hot in digital communications—and a plan that puts them on the cutting edge of what’s to come. Learn the... Read more »
  • How to create superb infographics
    Visual storytelling is huge, and infographics have become a popular format for doing so. The folks at Ervin & Smith have compiled a five-step checklist for creating irresistible data visualizations. First, “find the story” you want to tell. Do you envision a numbers-driven piece, or a listicle? Is your goal to create a how-to, or perhaps just... Read more »
  • Study: Thrill seekers and epicureans most engaged YouTube audiences
    As video continues to reign supreme, the question for marketers becomes: “Where should I place my video so people watch it?” Strike Social has insights. The company set out gather data on the most engaged audiences on YouTube (based on each audience’s view rate and identified 31 YouTube advertising “affinity audiences” in 1,000 campaigns. Strike Social... Read more »
  • How data can empower savvy marketers
    Marketers and communications teams live in a time of abundance. Over the last 15+ years, the incredible growth of digital channels has helped us learn more than ever before about target audiences, track website visitors’ behavior and monitor customers’ activity. There is such a wealth of data being generated, logged, analyzed and packaged that we... Read more »
  • How cool are you with ice cream nomenclature?
    We have entered the dog days of summer. Here in Texas, we fully expect it to be toasty this time of year, but this summer has been torrid. I walked outside after work yesterday, and even my eyes felt hot. So begins our obsession with ways to keep cool: spring-fed swimming pools, cold saunas, smartphone fan... Read more »
  • Celebrities, world leaders, tech execs and employers implore Trump to #LetThemServe
    The call to “let them serve” is growing. On Wednesday, President Donald Trump tweeted that transgender people would not be allowed to serve “in any capacity” in the United States military: After consultation with my Generals and military experts, please be advised that the United States Government will not accept or allow...... — Donald... Read more »
  • Don't drop the ball when you get this 'gimme' interview question
    At the end of most interviews—for print, radio or TV—journalists ask something like this: “Is there anything you’d like to add?” “Did I miss anything?” “Is there a question I should have asked?” ... Read more »
  • How can you measure the success of your podcast?
    Podcast listening has exploded in recent years. Almost a quarter of Americans over 12 said they had heard a podcast in the prior month, up from 21 percent the previous year, according to the 2016 Infinite Dial study from Edison Research. In addition, podcast listeners dialed up an average of five podcasts per week. The medium... Read more »
  • How the world’s top brands tell their stories
    Living in a world dominated by the internet means being bombarded with content every day—and tuning most of it out. So what sets apart the articles and videos that go viral and capture the attention of millions worldwide? Communicators at Coca-Cola, Google and Forbes know that it’s usually a good story. They’ve been using storytelling... Read more »
  • 30 jobs in the PR and marketing world
    You’d be hard-pressed to go anywhere these days without seeing someone wearing a pair of signature canvas shoes with a Toms logo on the back. Trendy looks aside, Toms’ efforts to give back have made it a favorite among consumers. Toms has been helping provide shoes to those in need since its inception in 2006.... Read more »